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The federal workplace posting requirements can change often within a year. Please view our site to see if you are in compliance.


The Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute is dedicated to providing businesses of all sizes accurate and detailed information regarding Federal, State and Local Labor Law requirements and posters.

We are the only source for the original All-In-One Labor Law Poster™. Do not be fooled by other companies that claim to sell an All In One or an All On One poster. We started selling our All-In-One Labor Law Posters™ over 18 years ago and NO ONE can under sell us. We can beat or meet any competitor's price. If you do not believe it, call us at 800-767-9243 and let us prove it.

We provide a Compliance Guarantee that all of our posters are accurate or we will send you a replacement.

Each Federal All-In-One Labor Law Poster™ contains required postings for OSHA, USERRA, Family Leave and Medical Act, Polygraph Protection Act, Equal Employment Opportunity and the Minimum Wage Notice.

Our State All-In-One Labor Law Poster™ contains all the required postings regulated by each respective Department of the Government.

Be sure your posters are displayed in an viewable area for all your Employees to see. Make sure your posters are updated to the new 2009 changes. Have labor law requirements changed in your state? Does your state require Specialty Posters like Wage Orders or No Smoking signs? Do you own a restaurant that needs Choking Posters or Hand Washing posters?

If you are not sure, check out our website to see if any changes have been made recently to posting requirements in your state. Click here to view Recent Changes.

State governments are increasing their own minimum wages all the time and changing what information employers are required to display almost every year. Are you sure you are displaying all the posters required for your state? Click here to view Required Postings.

It is crucial that your workplace is posting the correct Federal and State posters to meet all of your Employee's rights. Be sure that you are posting the new 2009 federal minimum wage. If you are in charge of human resources or in any way related to the Human Resource field, be sure you are in compliance with all your state and federal requirements.

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